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Frequently asked questions

I want to do financing, but have terrible credit. What can I do? Terrible credit isnt a problem! We don't do credit checks. As long as you can put down the amount required, you are approved for financing.

Is this deck completed, or do I have to do some work myself? This is a completed deck. When we leave, you are ready to pull out the grill and start hamburger cookoff on it 

My last deck rotted away. Will this deck rot? No. Even if you buy an unstained deck, all the wood is treated against weather. The wood is rated for 20 years of full exposure to rain, snow, sun, wind, you name it.

Are portable decks sturdy?  Yes! With our decks, you cant tell the difference between it and a deck that is set in the ground

I want one, but the ground in front of my house isn't level. Do I have to go to the work of leveling it? No. We will level the deck to whatever height you need at no extra cost. We use treated wood to level it, but if you supply concrete blocks we will level it with them.

There is a fence in the way of where I want my deck, now what? Even if something is in the way there are a couple options. You could take down the fence before we get there or we can take it down and put it back up for a small fee (typically about $150). We can also build onsite if there is no other option.

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