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Buying a deck from hershy and sons is fast, easy, and hassle free.

But... I need payments and have bad credit

Portable deck delivery

1.Make a phone call. Contact one of our friendly, dedicated salespeople to discuss your needs and get an estimate. If necessary, we will send some to look at your place and help you know your options. Once you've found what you like, place your order. If you are buying rent-to-own, often the down payment is as little as one payment down before we start building.

2. Building Begins! Once we have received your payment, your deck is scheduled for construction. Our builders are fast and experienced: often your deck is built within two weeks of ordering. To figure in for any delay that might arise though, figure on three weeks for construction

deck building shop with decks being built
portable deck being put in place

3. Enjoy your deck! Once we are finished building, we arrange a delivery with you. All decks are delivered, set up, and leveled for free. We bring it out, set it up and you are ready to enjoy a nice afternoon BBQ with your family!

Seriously, we all know you want one!

Easier than ordering

your morning coffee.

(Of course, that's not saying much)

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